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How To Delete MySQLDumper Database Backups

MySQLDumper is a useful tool for backing up your databases and is the preferred method over PHPMyAdmin. Unfortunately, there is no option (or perhaps I overlooked it) to delete backups you have generated. This results in higher disk space usage in your server.

This guide shows you how to delete backed-up databases you no longer need to save disk space.

How To Delete MySQLDumper Database Backups

Step 1: Use FTP or a file manager to access the area you use MySQLDumper.

Step 2: Once there, open the “work” folder followed by the “backup” folder. You should see a list of databases you backed up through MySQLDumper, as shown in the screenshot below.

Database backups in MySQLDumper

Step 3: Choose the backups you saved to a local machine and delete them from your server.

You should notice more free space on your server after checking your available disk space now. The larger the deleted database file, the more space you will get back. contains guides to help webmasters with their websites, from resolving problems to learning how to make a site successful.

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