How To Transfer BD Banking Points to DragonByte Credits (xenForo)

Long story short, I made the decision to switch from BD Banking to DragonByte Credits on xenForo not too long ago. Of course, I did not want to lose the points/money my forum members have worked so hard to earn. I needed to transfer the points/money to DragonByte Credits.

Before I made the purchase, someone in the support topic over at xenForo mentioned that you can transfer points from BD Banking to DragonByte Credits by rebuilding data. That is 100% inaccurate. You’re not transferring over the points, instead you’re just re-crediting points to members for all of the events they’ve done so far such as making posts/threads, receiving likes, downloading content, and the list goes on.

The only two options left are :

  • Manually transferring the points over yourself (or use a custom built importer).
  • Use the same column from BD Banking.

For large forums, the first option is not viable. Keep reading to learn how to transfer points from BD Banking and use as credits for the DragonByte Credits add-on for xenForo.

How To Transfer BD Banking Points/Money to DragonByte Credits

Follow the instructions below after installing DB Credits :

  1. Go to your admin panel and select options. Scroll down and enter the [bd] Banking page.
  2. Find “Field” as shown in the screenshot below :BD Banking Field - xenForo
  3. Navigate: Admin Panel -> Applications -> DragonByte Tech: Credits -> Manage Currencies -> Edit the currency.
  4. In the page, select the currency settings tab and find Column.
  5. Replace dbtech_credits_credits with the value you found in step 2 (eg. bdbank_money) and save.

DragonByte Credits column field - xenForo

All points members obtained from BD Banking should now be usable on the DB Credits add-on. You can now disable BD Banking from your add-on list via admin panel and continue to use DragonByte Credits from here and out. If you ever decide to uninstall BD Banking from your forum, make sure the contents of bdbank_money is not deleted.