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How To Restore Any Database Using MySQLDumper

MySQLDumper is a great tool for backing up MYSQL databases, however, it’s lacking in features when it comes to deleting and restoring what it has not backed up. A previous guide taught us how to delete databases using MYSQLDumper and this guide will show you how to restore ANY database using the tool, not just ones that have been previously backed up.

How To Restore A Database Using MySQLDumper

You need to somehow get a copy of the database you want to restore where MySQLDumper can access it. There is no feature to just upload one to restore, therefore you will need to log into FTP and directly upload it yourself.

Navigate to the folder the tool is installed in: msd1.24.4 -> work -> backup.

Restore database using MySQLDumper

Upload the SQL file and go back to the MySQLDumper page. Choose the restore option and select the database you just uploaded via FTP. The restore process should begin using the database you chose.

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